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Summary: Set in the beautiful, volcanic scarred high-desert of the Pacific Northwest, Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game in which you assume the role of Deacon St. John, a Drifter and bounty hunter who would rather risk the dangers of the broken road than live in one of the saf Metacritic Game Reviews, Days Gone for PlayStation 4, Set in the beautiful, volcanic scarred high-desert of the Pacific Northwest, Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game in which yo.. Artist (s): Jimmy Vallance, Tom Howie. Summary: This the debut full-length studio release for the Brooklyn-based Canadian duo of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance. Buy On. Record Label: Domino. Genre (s): Electronic, House, Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Electronic, Left-Field House, Progressive House. More Details and Credits »

Days Gone wants to be The Walking Dead from 2012 but it's The Walking Dead in 2019. Bland, uninspired, boring, overdone, nothing new and filled with characters no one cares about. The stupid looking characters, bad animation, bugs and glitches, boring story and bad combat make it a real disappointment. This was the last time I pre-ordered a game Days Gone for PlayStation 4 game reviews & Metacritic score: Set in the beautiful, volcanic scarred high-desert of the Pacific Northwest, Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game in which you assume the role of De.. Set in a post-apocalyptic Oregon two years after the start of a global pandemic, former outlaw -turned-drifter Deacon St. John discovers the possibility of his wife Sarah still being alive, which leads Deacon on a quest to find her. Days Gone is played from a third-person perspective, in which the player can explore an open world environment Bei Metacritic erlangte Days Gone eine Bewertung von 72/100 Punkten, basierend auf 101 Kritiken der internationalen Fachpresse. Der User Score, basierend auf der Bewertung von mehr als 2800 Spielern, lag mit 8.0 von 10.0 höher. Fazit: »Denn schlussendlich hat mir Days Gone wirklich Spaß gemacht

Days Gone im Test: (K)ein Kampf ums Überleben In puncto Gameplay geht Days Gone keine Experimente ein und ist dementsprechend ein typisches modernes Open-World-Action-Spiel mit RPG-Elementen Days Gone nimmt Spieler mit auf einen wilden Ritt durch eine Zombie-verseuchte Apokalypse - und hat mehr zu bieten als vielen Zocker bewusst ist. Sie haben den Abspann des Titels bereits. Check out the Wingy Gaming Podcast available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud & Podcast services, or here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV_8z51WlQY&list=PLb.. J eder hat eine andere Vorstellung vom Ende der Welt: Die einen fürchten eine grässliche Naturkatastrophe, andere bibbern vor dem erbarmungslosen Atomkrieg. In Days Gone (Release ab sofort auf..

Days Gone ist das neue PS4-Exklusivspiel vom Entwickler Bend Studio. Wir haben uns mit Biker-Held Deacon St. John in die Post-Apokalypse gestürzt und verraten im Test was an Days Gone begeistert. Days Gone Wiki | Fandom. Hier ist der Ort an dem wir mit euch offizielle Informationen zum PlayStation 4 Spiel Days Gone teilen und ihr gleichzeitig den Inhalt mitbestimmen könnt. Wir laden euch herzlich dazu ein an dem Wiki teilzuhaben, es zu editieren, zu erweitern und es somit wachsen zu lassen. Wir freuen uns auf euch und euren Input Days Gone has a wide variety of difficulties that you can play through at your leisure. This review covers all difficulties and after game completions, such as Game+. #1 - Easy. A 'walk in the park' is almost an understatement for this level of difficulty. Most zombies ignore you, you can find ammo everywhere and it's like the apocalypse never happened at all! On easy, you can leave. Days Gone kommt vom Bend Studio, die vorher an dem Horrorspiel Dead Don't Ride gearbeitet hatten. Vermutlich ist Days Gone aus den Konzepten für das nie veröffentlichte Spiel entstanden. Die.. Days Gone reviewed by Lucy O'Brien on PlayStation 4 Pro.First 17 Minutes of Days Gone:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0jlqmjyZxcSubscribe to IGN for more!ht..

  1. #DaysGone2 #BendStudio #PlaytSation Days Gone is an action-adventure and survival game developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Enterta..
  2. Days Gone is the latest exclusive to hit the PlayStation 4 but should you part with your cash for it? Watch our review and find out.Subscribe to GR+ here: h..
  3. In Days Gone schwingt ihr euch auf euer Motorrad und fühlt die Freiheit. Driftet nach Herzenslust durch die Natur und heizt den Zombie-ähnlichen Freakern ein. Im Test zum PS4-Exklusivspiel wird.
  4. Days Gone is an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.It was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on April 26th 2019.. Set in a post-apocalyptic Oregon two years after a global pandemic, Days Gone follows the story of Deacon St. John, a former member of a biker gang..

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Reacting to and discussing positive and negative Metacritic reviews of Days Gone.Twitter - @blokewhogamesFacebook - Bloke Who GamesInstagram - blokewhogame Days Gone ist nach der Hauptstory noch nicht vorbei. Ihr könnt euch ein Secret Ending ansehen. Wir erklären, wie ihr es auslöst und was passiert

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  1. Days Gone has its exciting moments, but it fails to say anything interesting or meaningful about its story and characters. Apr 25, 2019 5:01a
  2. Days Gone bekommt einen DLC, der einen weiteren Schwierigkeitsgrad bringt. Days Gone ist noch nicht einmal erschienen, da hat Sony auch schon den ersten DLC angekündigt. Im Juni 2019 bekommen.

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  1. g action-adventure survival horror video game developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for.
  2. Days Gone; Ein zerrupfter Artikel für ein zerrupftes Spiel. von Hannes Letsch — 16. Mai 2019 — 12 Minuten Lesezeit. Als im Juni 2016 zum ersten Mal Spielschnipsel aus SIE Bend Studios Days Gone präsentiert wurden, schien das Gesamtwerk aufgrund des Beobachtbaren recht nahe der Vollendung. Die kurze, aber actiongeladene Szenen zeugten von einer nicht wirklich innovativen.
  3. Schau Dir Angebote von Days-gone auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter
  4. Days Gone By by Bob Moses album reviews & Metacritic score: This the debut full-length studio release for the Brooklyn-based Canadian duo of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance...
  5. Days Gone Metacritic. Close. 7. Posted by 13 days ago. Days Gone Metacritic. Make sure you all leave good reviews and scores for Days Gone on Metacritic. It is the obvious replacement game for those interested in Zombies/apocalypse-type games. Brilliant fun, great story and an amazing open world. 7 comments. share . save hide report. 82% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in.

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Because I played TLoU and the Days Gone gameplay came off as far superior. From what everyone who played it during the preview event said Days Gone combat felt dull, and lacked any impact. The guns felt like toys, etc. basically the opposite of TLOU and clearly in a bad way. TLOU combat feels amazing and visceral Days Gone Metacritic. MasterOfPuppets. Days Gone. You'll never promenade alone... The Days next guide will support you solution all the quests and obliterate the most hard hordes of zombies. The walkthrough contains critical advice, as capably as the location of every secrets. Also, check out the best weapons and skills for beginners section. The guide to Days when covers every of the secrets. HeartBlade89 8 months ago #23. Days Gone upon release was apparently pretty broken. It was also a long game and pretty generic at the beginning, resulting in critics calling the game just a rehash of other games done poorly. There were even rumors that many didnt finish the game Days Gone feels like a game from a different time. A time when zombie games where hitting their peak in terms of pop culture relevance. The end result is a product that feels somewhat dated.Set in..

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  1. Days Gone ist mein absoluter Favorit neben The Last of Us, Fallout4 und Far Cry 3-5! Ich habe selten soviel Spielspass und fesselnde Story in einem Spiel erlebt! Nach der Installation habe ich es.
  2. Days Gone is a PlayStation exclusive game that captured its audience. Presenting an action-packed thriller that would keep you on the edge of your seat for your entire playthrough with massive zombie hordes that were as brutal as Hell on Earth and a story of a man who would do anything for his family. Meanwhile making you fear whether that growl was in your headphones or outside your front.
  3. Days Gone's crown jewel is it's horde mechanic; displaying hundreds if not thousands of zombies on screen at once. Confusingly, these encounters perform fluently. You face these swarms in a.
  4. Jetzt wagt das Team aus Oregon mit Days Gone den großen Schritt in die offene Welt auf PlayStation 4: Kann das Action-Adventure mit seiner zombiesken Endzeit überzeugen? Mehr dazu im Test
  5. Days Gone ist noch nicht einmal erschienen, da hat Sony auch schon den ersten DLC angekündigt. Im Juni 2019 bekommen tapfere Überlebenskämpfer neue Inhalte für das PS4-Exclusive spendiert.

It's time once again to take a look at the list of upcoming games for the months of March through May and slap a predicted Metacritic Score on them with very.. While Days Gone is lower than some expected the people here saying that it is Crackdown 3 levels are talking nonsense. The game has FAR more positive scores on Metacritic right now than Mixed/Negative. Games like Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, The Order and State of Decay 2 were mostly..

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  1. Set in the beautiful, volcanic scarred high-desert of the Pacific Northwest, Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game where you play as Deacon St. John, a Drifter and bounty hunter who.
  2. Days Gone (Video Game 2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more
  3. Kallie finished Days Gone's main story in around 55 hours, splitting time between a base PS4 and a PS4 Pro. 735 days had gone at the beginning, and 854 days had gone by the time she reached the.

Days Gone Metacritic Score Is Humbling for Xbox & Ps4

Days Gone is the latest PS4 blockbuster from Sony, following the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War, but it fails to carve out a unique space among both open-world and zombie games Days Gone, though, is exactly what you expect it to be - but that's perhaps a reductive way of looking at things. The production values are almost on par with Sony's premier first-party studios, which is impressive when you consider Bend's back-catalogue. And the gameplay loop appears to be very strong, with limited resources lending a real sense of tension to each and every encounter.

Tudo ao redor é extremamente hostil, e nosso melhor amigo é um veículo de duas rodas. Esse é o clima de Days Gone, novo game exclusivo de PlayStation 4 desenvolvido pela SIE Bend Studio e que finalmente chega ao console da Sony. Anunciado na E3 de 2016, Days Gone foi adiado três vezes. Inicialmente, seria lançado em 2018, mas foi adiado para 22 de fevereiro de 2019 e, por último, para abril de 2019. Demorou, é verdade, mas, às vezes, a espera vale a pena Bei Nero-Kontrollpunkten in Days Gone findet man (Injektionen) Spritzen, die Gesundheit, Ausdauer oder Fokus erhöhen. Hier sind alle Nero-Locations. Hier sind alle Nero-Locations. Men

Game Geeks News provides all of the latest gaming news including game releases, game reviews and favorite Games from the gaming communit Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu

For Days Gone on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled How is this a 71 on metacritic when the game is simply amazing? - Page 5 Days Gone - Update 1.08 ist da: Alle Änderungen in der Übersicht Patch 1.08 für das PS4-Spiel Days Gone ist endlich erschienen, hier sind die kompletten Patch-Notes in deutsch. von Linda Sprenger Days Gone puts you in the boots of Deacon St. John as he tries to survive a slice of rural Oregon that has been transformed by a civilization-ending bout of zombieitis. The game picks up around. Eine Übersicht zu Days Gone allen Trophäen findet ihr hier. NERO-Kontrollpunkte Fundorte Guide. Insgesamt gibt es 12 NERO-Kontrollpunkte. Ihr bekommt dabei auch Nero Injektoren (verbessert die Gesundheit, Ausdauer oder Konzentration) und die Kontrollpunkte stehen euch dann als schnelle Reisepunkte zur Verfügung. Ihr müsst immer einen Kraftstoffbehälter finden um den Stromgenerator.

Days Gone, Mortal Kombat 11 und mehr - Diese Spiele kommen im April 2019 05.04.2019, 18:57 In Days Gone kannst du kinderähnliche Zombies töten und einige finden es uncoo Days Gone - Komplettlösung: Guide, Tipps & Tricks; Days Gone - Komplettlösung: Kapitel 1: Einleitung; Days Gone - Komplettlösung: Kapitel 2: Das Copeland Camp; Days Gone - Komplettlösung: Kapitel 3: Hot Springs - Tuckers Camp ; Days Gone - Komplettlösung: Kapitel 4: NERO auf den Fersen; Days Gone - Komplettlösung: Kapitel 5: Ein Mädchen namens Lis Days Gone é um jogo de mundo aberto com zumbis em um cenário pós-apocalíptico jogado em uma perspectiva de terceira-pessoa. Os jogadores controlam Deacon St. John (Samuel Witwer), um viajante e caçador de recompensas que prefere viver uma vida perigosa na estrada, ao invés da vida nos acampamentos na floresta. [3] O jogo se passa dois anos depois de que uma pandemia global ocorreu e que. Days Gone comes to PC this spring, with more PlayStation ports on the way. By Owen S. Good on Feb 23, 2021 02.23.21. Plus a 'whole slate' of other SIE games coming to PC, says CEO Jim Rya

Days Gone plays like any third person action game, taking an over the shoulder view of Deacon as he fights his way through zombies and humans alike. Melee combat and gun play both feel quite good, and they are not difficult to get the hang of. Players have a primary weapon, side arm, special weapon and melee weapon to switch between. These can be changed out as more guns are acquired from. Sony Interactive Entertainment Days Gone - Standard Edition - [PlayStation 4] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Amazon.de bestellen Days Gone: Mit 18 Tipps rockt ihr die Freaker-Show Guide für den Endzeithorror « Zur vorherigen Seite 11: Aufpassen bei Nero-Stationen! Alle Nero-Forschungsanlagen in Days Gone finden Externer. Days Gone ist der neueste Zugang im Line-Up der PS4-exklusiven Titel. Schon wenige Wochen nach dem Release gibt es das Zombie-Spiel nun um einiges günstiger - und God of War, ebenfalls ein PS4. Days Gone: Erster Gratis-DLC angekündigt Sony hat für Juni den ersten kostenlosen DLC für das PS4-exklusive Actionspiel Days Gone angekündigt. Dieser bringt unter anderem wöchentliche.

'Days Gone' é história de perda e esperança, contam produtores sobre novo exclusivo do PS4. Com hordas gigantescas de inimigos selvagens, game lançado nesta sexta-feira (26) foi comparado a. In Days Gone (jetzt kaufen 33,56 € ) alle NERO-Informationen finden: Unterhalb dieser Zeilen findet ihr ein Tipps-Video zu sämtlichen NERO Intel Locations im Zombie-Abenteuer für PS4. Days Gone Übernimm die Rolle des ehemaligen Biker-Outlaws Deacon St. John: eines Herumtreibers, Kopfgeldjägers, umherstreifenden Vertreters der letzten Menschen. In einer von einer globalen Pandemie verwüsteten Welt meidet St. John die vermeintlich sicheren Lager in der Wildnis, die von den letzten Überlebenden der Menschheit eingerichtet wurden, und sucht sein Glück auf den zerstörten.

For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Does Days Gone really deserve that Metacritic score? - Page 2 metacritic is not a good way to gauge quality because it's filled with toxic man-children. Also subjective. Different people like different things and that's ok. Art is subjective. Reviews are subjective. You might think a game is the best thing ever but average review scores may be 65%. Trust yourself For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Days Gone will probably crush metacritic For Days Gone on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled How is this a 71 on metacritic when the game is simply amazing? - Page 2

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Days Gone tells you either everything or nothing, but it's never subtle, never lets you uncover anything for yourself Days Gone is a derivative but enjoyable action-adventure with a beautiful environment, using AI and physics to create exciting moments of procedural entertainment. But its familiar tale of mankind. Thematically, Days Gone tries to play up the traditional zombie movie conceit that it's humans that are the real monsters, but it doesn't do so in any new or interesting manner. Advertisemen Days Gone's world is very much greater than the sum of it parts. It's haphazard nature wouldn't have survived on a smaller scale, but this is a substantial thing. The story can be spotty. Days Gone offers an emotional rebuttal to zombie apocalypse nihilism. The new open world PS4 zombie game by SIE Bend Studios emphasizes the importance of interpersonal relationships. With its tone.


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Days Gone Trophy Roadmap. Estimated trophy difficulty: 2.5/10; Approximate amount of time to platinum: 60-80 hours (60h on easy difficulty skipping all cutscenes, 80h on normal difficulty with cutscenes); Offline Trophies: 46 (1, 2, 15, 28); Online Trophies: 0; Number of missable trophies: 0 - Note: There are two Points of no Return that TEMPORARILY lock you out of some regions, but. Days Gone supports a real-time time of day change, while offering a range of indoor and outdoor environments. A form of volumetric lighting, likely the frustum voxel-aligned type, is used. Days Gone sees you take control of Deacon St. John, a jaded biker and former military man who takes on the role of a bounty hunter in post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest USA. After being separated. Days Gone is the apotheosis of the more-is-more philosophy: more bars to fill, more gates to progress, more hours of playtime, more zombies per square inch because more is supposed to fill.

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An open-world action-adventure game, Days Gone puts players in the shoes of a drifter and bounty hunter named Deacon St. John. Players will face off against zombie hordes and human enemies in the. Days Gone wheels out that familiar plot thread, shocking players with the horrors of its ghastly creatures while the remaining humans posing a more insidious threat. Fight the dead, fear the.

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Days Gone contains 37 Hordes. This guide shows all Days Gone Horde Locations. They are the largest crows of Freakers in the game. Clearing out the Hordes awards you with money and trust for the camp in the region. It also gives you a lot of XP to buy new skills. This makes hordes the [ Days Gone feels like a game that needs a PlayStation 4 Pro. The standard model can handle it, but ahead of patches, there were some crashing and texture issues. Things seem better following the release of patch 1.03, with textures loading better, tattoos appearing a little more clearly, and only one crash occurring since it was applied. As long as people keep up with patches, everything should. Days Gone is currently sitting at a 72 on Metacritic. Not too bad, but not very great either, especially for a first-party Sony exclusive. Compared to the likes of God of War, Uncharted 4: A Thief.

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Days Gone for PlayStation 4 Reviews - Metacritic

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Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game set two years after a devastating global pandemic. Play as Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter facing a brutal struggle for survival, searching for a. Days Gone é o novo game de ação e aventura que chega exclusivamente para PS4.Nele, o jogador assume o controle do motoqueiro Deacon St. John, que luta pela sobrevivência em um mundo devastado.

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days-gone: Metacritic: game/playstation-4/days-gone : Days Gone és un videojoc d'acció i aventura de la tipologia survival horror per a la vida desenvolupat per SIE Bend Studio i publicat per Sony Interactive Entertainment per a PlayStation 4. Ambientat a un Oregon post-apocalíptic dos anys després de l'inici d'una pandèmia mundial, un antic rodamón il·legal anomenat Deacon St. John. This most likely will be your last trophy in Days Gone. There are 3 skill trees in the game, with 15 skills each: Ranged, Melee, and Survival. All 3 have very good perks that will help you considerably as the game gets harder, so unlock them as soon as you level up. After clearing out everything the game has to offer (Story Missions, Side Quests, Side Activities, etc) you will probably be 3 or.

Days Gone: Systemanforderungen bekannt, Details zu den PC-Features Days Gone erscheint für PC. Steam verrät bereits erste Details zu den PC-Features und die Systemanforderungen En resumen, Days Gone es una sorpresa muy agradable por parte de PlayStation, quienes siguen mostrando que para ellos las exclusivas de gran calidad son la más alta prioridad. Este juego tiene. Days Gone era um game que tinha todas as oportunidades para sair fora da curva do gênero zumbi e se tornar um destaque na biblioteca de exclusivos do PS4. Infelizmente, temendo arriscar em novas mecânicas e enredos mais elaborados, os desenvolvedores da Bend Studio optaram pelo caminho mais simples, produzindo um jogo sólido mas que entrega uma experiência simples demais e pouco. Fortunately, Days Gone has multiple epilogue missions after the story's conclusion, and one of them definitively concludes the Finding NERO plot. Getting to it is a bit of a chore, though, since. Unfortunately, Days Gone is a survival horror, meaning that being outnumbered matters a great deal. In other words, until the player has picked up the tools and weapons needed to beat zombie hordes with relative ease, they are much better off avoiding such fights. Certainly, they will be able to take out two or three zombies with minimal issue, but that won't help them when they get mobbed. Metacritic of 71 right now so essentially reviewers are saying it is good, not great, game. Agree 73 Disagree 18 -+ SPAM Inappropriate. TGGJustin 676d ago . Game has FAR more positive scores (7.5 or higher) on MC than Mixed/negatives scores which means that this is in the minority. It's pretty clear some of the bigger sites are dragging the average down. Agree 25 Disagree 46 -+ SPAM.

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