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Reed Richards (of Earth-1610), also known as Mister Fantastic and formerly the Maker, was a founding member of the Fantastic Four and its former leader. Reed eventually came to believe he could save the world by taking it over When the Ultimatum Wave hit New York, Reed soon realized that Victor would continue to destroy the world if he wasn't stopped, and prompted the Thing to go to Latveria and kill him. After the funeral of Franklin Storm, Reed Richards' marriage proposal was rejected by Sue, and the Fantastic Four disbanded Character Gallery: Reed Richards (Earth-1610) This page contains all images on the database pertaining to this character or subject. If you have found an image that exists on the database, but that is not seen on this page please add it. All new images added to the database should be added to the appropriate gallery as soon as possible for future reference This is our collection of Reed Richards (Earth-1610) images. If you find an image in the database that is not shown here, please edit that image adding Reed Richards (Earth-1610) as an image subject. ( usage help) See Also: The Reed Richards (Earth-1610) gallery When Richards was about to vivisect Stark, Tony's self-conscious technology interfacer brain tumor named Anthony convinced the City to rebel against the Maker because of his master's counter-evolutionary acts of war (and also Death 's creation) and allowed Anthony to create a giant Iron Man Armor and use it against Richards, thus the City became the new leader of the Children who rejected the Maker

1610 Reed Richards Successfully Takes Over The World. - Album on Imgur 22302 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet If you're seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser, please enable JSto make Imgur work On Earth-616, Reed's father was named Nathaniel, while in Ultimate continuity he was named Gary. Unlike Nathaniel, Gary had no knowledge in science. Links and References. 7 Appearances of Gary Richards (Earth-1610) 3 Minor Appearances of Gary Richards (Earth-1610) Media Gary Richards (Earth-1610) was Mentioned i Dr. Reed Richards is a scientist and inventor, better known as Mister Fantastic, who has been considered the smartest man on Earth.16 He is a polymath with mastery of all the sciences including; electrical, mechanical, aerospace engineering, electronics, chemistry, physics, biology and beyond.17.. Maker, also known as Ultimate Reed Richards, is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is the Ultimate Marvel's version of Mister Fantastic, initially presented as a heroic, morally altruistic and scientifically-driven superhero and a younger, modernized alternate version of Reed Richards, who later turns into the villainous Maker, after enduring a series of tragedies and immense mental trauma; he eventually becomes part of the.

Vinte e um anos atrás, Gary Richards e sua esposa deram à luz seu primeiro filho, um filho chamado Reed. Quase imediatamente, os Richards suspeitaram que havia algo especial em Reed, que demonstrou sua curiosidade desde o dia em que nasceu. Quando criança, ele demonstrou notável inteligência, bem à frente de seus pares -- Reed Richards (Earth-1610) We have defeated gods. We have decapitated the superpower. We will destroy The People The Maker; Reed Richards (Ultimate Marvel comics 1610) version. Modern incarnations of The Master only, but feats from the TV show, plus other media is allowed like the novels, comics, and big.. Na realidade alternativa conhecida como universo ultimate (terra 1610) Reed Richards se tornou o senhor fantástico ainda jovem, porém sua carreira heroica não durou muito, após as consequências do Ultimato e o fim de seu relacionamento com Sue, Reed acaba se tornando um vilão psicótico conhecido como O criador Marvel Zumbie. É revelado por seu arqui-inimigo Victor Von Doom (Doutor. It's fiction after all and some suspension of disbelief is required. However, Earth-1610 has an Ultimate Reed Richards version whose IQ was measured in at 267... back when he was at the age of 16. Of course, his official Earth-616 version is still somewhat different than that. As for Tony, his IQ still remains a big mystery

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Reed Richards of the Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610). Once the leader of that universe's Fantastic Four. He is now known as Maker and resides in Earth-616 after the events of Secret Wars Jan 20, 2016 - Gary and Mary Richards had their first child, a son named Reed and almost immediately, the Richards suspected that there was something special about Reed, who displayed his curiosity from the day he was born. As a child, he demonstrated remarkable intelligence, well ahead of that of his peers.. Profil Apariții Menționări Galerie Mr. Fantastic Mr. Fantastic Nume Adevarat Reed Richards Sex Cetatenie Americană Univers Pământ-1610

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  1. Reed Richards did not have any powers in this reality before he died, as he never was bombarded with cosmic radiation in space. Earth-1610 (Ultimate).
  2. Earth-1610 (Ultimate Marvel) Appreciation 2021 Ultimate Marvel 1.jpg This Universe has had it's ups and downs, but you can't deny that the Ultimate Marvel universe is an interesting take on the Marvel Universe; corporations fighting over making Super-Soldiers, Mutation being a bi-product of Weapon X experimentation, and diverted takes from the likes of Spider-Man and Reed Richards. We haven't.
  3. Apr 15, 2016 - 1 History 1.1 Onerous Childhood 1.2 Think Tank 1.3 The Fantastic Four 1.4 Ultimate Enemy 1.5 Children of Tomorrow 1.6 Ultimates Disassembled 1.7 Cataclysm 1.8 FF 1.9 Time Runs Out 1.10 Secret Wars 1.11 W.H.I.S.P.E.R. 1.12 Eternity War 1.13 Future Foundation 1.14 Project Oversight 1.15 Absolute..

The true identity of The Maker, the evil Reed Richards from Earth-1610, is finally revealed in Infamous Iron Man #11. By Kieran Shiach Published Sep 04, 2017. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Infamous Iron Man #11, by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, on sale now from Marvel Comics. One of the best things about Brian Michael Bendis. Reed Richards 1610 reading and Marvel Unlimited. Comics . Close. 8. Posted by. 4 years ago. Archived. Reed Richards 1610 reading and Marvel Unlimited. Comics . I was wondering if anyone could give me a list of stories where reed richards (1610) becomes ? And does anyone know if these are all on Marvel Unlimited? Thanks! 5 comments. share . save hide report. 85% Upvoted. This thread is archived.

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Subject: Dan Hogan's Customs: The Maker (Reed Richards of Earth 1610) New Thread ; Printer Friendly ; Subscribe ; Bookmark ; Thread Rolls. Your Tags: Add tags. Popular Tags: Daniel Hogan (thedaninblack) United States California. Because of the moratorium on F4 characters, I figure we're never getting this guy despite him being a humongous power player in the Secret Wars comics. Enjoy: And for. Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The character is a founding member of the Fantastic Four.Richards possesses a mastery of mechanical, aerospace and electrical engineering, chemistry, all levels of physics, and human and alien biology. BusinessWeek listed Mister Fantastic as one of the top ten most intelligent.

Rules:* 12 hours of prep.* No help/interference.* Winner by death/KO.* Morals on Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic; Susan Storm / Invisible Woman; Jonathan Storm / Human Torch; Benjamin Grimm / The Thing; Franklin Richards / Powerhouse; Valeria Richards / Brainstorm; Norrin Radd / Silver Surfer; Peter Parker / Spider-Ma Setup:The top 3 greatest minds in comic book history want to stop the world eater once and for all because he's a threat to all known exist and they Genealogy for Richard Reade (1610 - d.) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. People Projects Discussions Surname

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work This is Professor Bruce Banner. He's better known by his alter ego, the incredible hulk. he is currently one of the 8 smartest men in the mainstream marvelverse with an unparalleled knowledge in gamma radiation. This is Reed Richards. Reed Richards of the ultmates universe. He used to be a.. Feb 24, 2016 - The Maker (Reed Richards Earth-1610) by Gerardo Sandova Reed Richards (Earth-1610) Character Overview. Overview; Comics; Search Comics, Titles, Creators & Mor 8/fev/2015 - The Maker (Reed Richards Earth-1610) by Mike Deodato. . Quarteto Fantástico. The Maker (Reed Richards Earth-1610) by Mike Deodato. Salvo por Skull Devill. 3. Quarteto Fantástico Luiz Carlos História Em Quadrinhos Personagens Desenhos Marvel Vs.

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  1. The Maker (Reed Richards) (Earth-1610) | art by Mike Deodato, Jr. Marvel Vs Super Héros Marvel Marvel Comics Noms De Super-héros Les Quatre Fantastiques Romans Graphiques Dessins Banals Personnages The Avenger
  2. Ultimate Reed Richards as the Maker is destroying Earth, Sue Storm uses the co-ordinates of the time machine Reed once used to travel to 616 Earth to enlist the help of his counterpart, he gets.
  3. Reed Richards. Mister Fantastic (Venomized) MCU. Reed Richards. Mr. Fantastic. 221. Earth-1610. Reed Richards. The Maker. Aliases: Place of birth: First appearance: Alignment: Connections. Occupation: Base: Teams: No teams added. Relatives: Appearance. Gender: Species // Type-Height-Weight-Eye color: Hair color: Trend . Collections Mister Fantastic hasn't been added to a collection yet.
  4. Reed Richards, the only son of wealthy physicist Nathaniel Richards and his wife Evelyn, was a child prodigy with special aptitude in mathematics, physics, and mechanics. Evelyn Richards died when Reed was seven. Nathaniel Richards encouraged and guided young Reed in his scientific studies, and Reed was taking college-level courses by the time.
  5. Since Reed Richards is a genius inventor, Reed made an exo-skeleton that looked exactly like the Thing's rocky skin. When Ben Grimm put on the suit it gave him durability and strength that was comparable to when he was the actual Thing, but the question is: why does he have to wear a Thing costume? Couldn't he wear an armored suit similar to Tony Stark that looked nothing like the Thing? Oddly.
  6. Reed Richards Earth-1610. Saved by Mika. People also love these ideas.
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Jan 23, 2018 - Ultimate Hulk (Dr. Bruce Banner) (Earth-1610) vs. The Maker (Reed Richards) (Earth-1610) | art by Esad Ribi Pulling in everyone present, the portal lands Reed and his symbiote in a desolate 1610-Universe, while Eddie, Dylan, and Virus get pulled into a future ruled by a Symbiote Hive. 5 Immortal Hulk By Al Ewing. For those familiar with The One Above All, the supreme entity of creation in the Marvel Multiverse— and depending on who you ask the Omniverse— the question remains: What would the. Feb 5, 2019 - The Maker (Reed Richards) (Earth-1610) | art by Esad Ribi

Reed Richards . Hybrid. Earth-1610 . Iron Man (Klyntar) Earth-1051 . Thanos . King Thanos. Earth-TRN666 . Knull. Earth-616 . Miss Adventure. Reed Richards . Mister Fantastic. Earth-1051 . Nathaniel Abrams Pendleton. Night Knight. Otto (Crossover) J'Son of Spartax. Reed Richards (Earth-1610) Richard Parker (Clone) (Earth-1610) Richard Parker (Earth-1610) Rio Morales (Earth-1610) Robert Drake (Earth-1610) Roxxon Corporation (Earth-1610) S S.H.I.E.L.D. (Earth-1610) Scorpion (Clone) (Earth-1610) Scott Summers (Earth-1610) Sergei Kravinoff (Earth-1610) Silver Sable (Earth-1610) Spider-Man Twins (Earth-1610) Spider-Man: No More! (Earth-1610 storyline) Spider. Reed Richards (cameo) Reed Richards (Earth-1610) Reed Richards (Earth-TRN667) Reed Richards (Fantastic Four) Reed Richards (implied) Reed Richards (mention) Reed Richards (Minor) Reed Richards (off screen) Reed Richards - Mister Fantastic; Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic; Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic; Reid Richards ; Richard Reed; Richard Reed (honourable mention) Richard Reeds; The Maker (Reed. Ultimate Fantastic Four-Reed Richards of Earth 1610 Meets The Reed Richards of Earth 616. The four went up in space and teleported into the N-Zone where they made first contact with Ultimate. Jessica Drew (of Earth-1610) is a female clone of Peter Parker whose chromosomes were manipulated to make her female. She resembles Peter, and appears to be the same age (approximately sixteen). Created to act as an agent for the CIA (code name: Spider-Woman), she retains Peter Parker's memories.She tries to be a woman and do some good with the powers she has

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  1. (of Earth-1610) Real Name: Theodore Sallis. Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-1610) human mutate. Occupation: Former scientist. Group Membership: None. Affiliations: Reed Richards, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (both loosely) Enemies: A.I.M. (possibly-see comments), Lizard (Curt Connors) Known Relatives: None. Aliases: Ted Base of Operations: Mobile. First Appearance.
  2. Reed Richards. About; History; Powers; Equipment; Movies; Gallery; Battles; Comments; History. A genius-but-timid-and-bankrupt-physicist, is convinced that evolution is triggered by clouds of cosmic energy in space, and has calculated that one of these clouds is soon going to pass near Earth. Reed has always reached for the stars and would do anything to fund his lifelong dream of an.
  3. Reed Richards/The Maker (Marvel Comics); Earth 1610; Funny Valentine (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part VII: Steel Ball Run); via Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap; Byakuran (Reborn!) The Doctor (Wildstorm Comics) Jenny Quantum (Wildstorm Comics) Known Objects. Speed Force Bazooka (Arrowverse
  4. g Spider-Man 2.3 Ultimatum 2.4 Amazing Cousins 2.5 Herald of The Watchers 2.6 Ultimate Enemy to Ultimate Doom 2.7 Helping Kitty & Chameleon's Defamation 2.8 Death of Spider-Man 2.9 Legacy 2.10 Return 2.11 The Incursions 3 Powers & Abilities 3.1 Powers.
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Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art The reality of Ultimate Marvel is designated as Earth-1610 as part of the Marvel Comics Multiverse. The Ultimate Universe, The Maker, an evil Reed Richards, is also restored to life and moved to Marvel-616, where he is a recurring villain in the Infamous Iron Man comic book. The hammer of Ultimate Thor (lost in the Cataclysm crossover) is found by Thor Odinson, who is not capable at the. Earth 1610's Black Widow has the opposite character trajectory from her original counterpart. 1 Ultimate Reed Richards Becomes His World's Worst Villain. Oh, the irony; the Ultimate universe's Reed Richards became a more successful Doctor Doom than Victor Van Damme. In the wake of Ultimatum, the Fantastic Four disbanded, Sue declined Reed's proposal and broke up with him, and the erstwhile.

Sue Storm of Earth 1610. Artwork for the cover of Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, and Sue Storm gain different aspects of the mainstream Sue Storm's power. Sue can turn invisible, Reed can project invisibility, Ben projects invisible force-fields, and Johnny can become intangible. They join Colonel Nick Fury's new C.I.A. unit, codenamed S.H.I.E.L.D.. The story retells their initial encounter. Is Reed Richards unlikeable? He always seemed arrogant, doesn't care about his family, and is always sexist towards Sue. Has that changed? Update: It's just that every interpretation of this character I've seen seems to be barely above a villain. Earth 1610 Reed even became a villain called the Maker. I'm all for complex characters but does anyone actual call him out? Answer Save. 1 Answer.

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Genealogy for Barbara Worth (Strong) (1610 - 1643) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Please wait. loading.. Reed Richards refuses on the grounds that such an organization would be too large to run effectively, that the heroes would spend more time dealing with bureaucracy than actually helping people. The group does, however, agree to meet to exchange information regularly. The only individual present who outright refuses to meet or even participate with the others is the Black Panther, who fears. Reed Richards was able to track a metal connected to the witches to their home in Colorado and went there in disguise. Just when it seemed like their trip was a washout, Agatha saw they were. Richard 11gu. 1607-1608. Richard Reade. 1607-1608. Ann 11ga. 1608-1609. Grace Reade. 1610-1650. Robert Reed. 1610-1657. Jane Reed. 1611-1654 (Col.) Thomas Reade. 1613-1659. Grace Read. 1613- Grace 11ga. 1613-1650. Rebecca Reade. 1616-1662. Anne Reade. 1620- About FamilySearch. It's all about family. FamilySearch is a nonprofit family history organization dedicated to.

While Reed Richards sent Doctor Doom to Hell when he killed him once, Doom did something even worse. Instead of just getting revenge by doing something to Reed personally, he went after Reed's son Franklin. Using the magical powers he had gained, Doctor Doom trapped Franklin Richards, a young child, in Hell. While the Fantastic Four was able to save the child, he suffered from this traumatic. Earth-1610. 終極宇宙,終極英雄所在地,人物比Earth-616少。喺人物設定上有唔同,例如神奇4俠後生咗又勁咗。而個別終極英雄嘅性格、命運同Earth-616大不相同。某幾個終極英雄例如「神奇先生」Reed Richards可以同其他宇宙作通訊。 Earth-2149、Earth-619 General Info Edit. The list below shows descent from William the Conqueror (see Descendants of William I of England for another list). Many of the people have more than one path to William, but this is mostly just showing one (ideally the shortest path)

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Reed Richards (Earth-1610) vs Rick Sanchez. Battle. R1: A simple chess match between the two. Reed and Rick meet and Reed decides that Rick is interesting and proposes a chess match. Rick somehow accepts. R2: The loser of the chess match gets tired of the winners gloating, and arrogance and initiates the first attack. However both of them being men of science decide its better if they have. During the early days of this planet, Doom encountered an alternate version of the Fantastic Four, one in which Reed Richards didn't exist. Their Sue Storm fell in love with Victor, and they had two children, Franklin and Valeria. As eight years went by, Doom and Strange managed to twist the memories of their inhabitants, to the point they would no longer remember what had existed before. Richard Reed is on Facebook. To connect with Richard, sign up for Facebook today. Log In. or. Sign Up. About Richard Reed. Work. United States Army. Retired Military · October 17, 2017 to present. Education. University of Maryland, College Park. Class of 1973 · College Park, Maryland. Reseda High School . Reseda. Current City and Hometown. No places to show. Favorites. Other. Dolan Auto. After Nathaniel Richards battled his other counterparts in a game set by Immortus and remained as the last Reed Richards, Franklin forced him to travel back in time and help the Fantastic Four, at that time Future Foundation, to fight the alternate Reed Richards loose on Earth-616 and deal with the invasion of the Mad Celestials until he and Valeria could escape from the destruction of their.

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1 Reed Richards 2 Classic 3 Negative Zone 4 Onslaught 5 Heroes Reborn 6 Heroes Return 7 Modern 8 2008-2009 9 Heroic Age 10 Future Foundation 11 Marvel Now! 12 All-New Marvel Now! 13 Back in Blue 14 Fantastic Four (Vol. 6) 15 2020 Costume 16 Alias 17 Alternates 17.1 Other Media 18 Other Versions.. Upon going to Reed Richards, Peter discovers that the black suit he donned was actually alive and was slowly trying to permanently bond with Peter. Peter then removes the creature using high frequency sonic waves and the symbiote is imprisoned. However, not too long after, the symbiote manages to escape and hide in Spider-Man's closet, disguising itself as a normal Spider-Man costume, and.

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It's revealed that the Maker (Ultimate Reed Richards) is in this location and Eddie believes he can help his son with his visions of Knull. Dylan has reservations about the Maker, finding it odd that he is unable to sense the character. Brock is also wary, asking the Maker what he is doing, to which the Maker reveals that he is building a chronal gateway that allows travel between universes. Jan 2, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Bear1na. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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8 Reed Richards Profile Covers. Alpha Coders 47 Wallpapers 2 Mobile Walls Aunt May Parker Beast Captain America Carnage Charles Xavier Colossus Cyclops Daredevil Doctor Doom Doctor Strange Earth 1610 Electro Hulk Human Torch Iceman Invisible Woman Iron Man Jean Grey Johnny Storm Logan James Howlett Magneto Marvel Comics Mary Jane Watson Miles Morales Nick Fury Nightcrawler Peter Parker. When Ultimate Marvel first launched in 2000, its goal was to bring the Marvel Universe into the 21st century, reinventing classic characters without the baggage of decades-long continuity or long out-dated archetypes. This meant Ultimate versions or classic characters varied from familiar to downright unrecognizable.. RELATED: Marvel: 10 Characters Who Were Worse In The Ultimate Univers Taunton, St James, Marriages 1610-1620 Somerset genealog When Reed Richards and his Dark Ultimates destroy the Triskellion, Thor leaves to drown his sorrows at a small bar in Arizona. Bruce Banner tracks Thor down and transforms into the Hulk, leading to a rematch between the two. Thor is defeated and imprisoned, but is later freed alongside the rest of his teammates. Iron Man also creates a new hammer and suit of armor for Thor by using Reed's. Miles Morales (of Earth-1610) is the second Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe, succeeding Peter Parker after his supposed death. He is a former member of both the Ultimatesand theYoung Ultimates. He currently lives on Earth-616 with the Peter Parker of that universe known as Marvel Universe. Following the events of Secret Wars, Miles now lives in the New York City of the prime reality as a.

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The Reed Richards of the Ultimate Universe had a similar life to the one on our own... until he didn't, and went insane. Following the catastrophic events of the infamous comic series Ultimatum. Reed Richards is one of the most important characters in Marvel's history. He's the father figure of the Fantastic Four, the first superhero series that began turning a then-unremarkable. Browse for professionals listed alphabetically by first name in the following bracket: 'M' - Page 1610

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